For the first couple of months after we brought the boys home, I didn’t knit at all. Not a stitch. I really first started knitting one summer during my nurse training, I had very little money, and found some of my Grandma’s old needles and felt this urge to learn. She did teach me when I was very small, although then I must have had the attention span of a gnat, I didn’t catch on. I remember having some tiny short needles (which I still have), some turqoise yarn, and keeping it in a little plastic party goodie bag!

My tastes, and thankfully my skills, have progressed since then, but every now and then I still enjoy using her needles. Many of them are quite bent out of shape from use, but that adds to the experience, I wonder what she must have made For them to become so crooked. I have a jumper she made me, it must have been huge at the time as it still fits now, and I use it as my cosy jumper. It’s like wearing a cuddle, especially as I can now appreciate the hours of work that went into making it. When I knit specifically for someone, I frequently think of them whilst I do it, each item gets a little bit of love especially for that person.  That’s what I will always think of when I wear my jumper. xxx

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