5 today!

Dear Norman,

Today has been your fifth birthday! Five whole years of being alive, and already you’ve felt more feelings than many grown ups. I hope it’s been a happy day, it’s the second one we’ve had as a family and now you’ve spent as many birthdays with us as you have anywhere else.

You’re everything a five your old little boy should be. Most days you drive me to the very edge of my sanity, answering back, questioning, rarely doing as you’re asked! But you’re also sweet, funny, excitable, cheeky… there are many many lovely words I could use to describe you!

Seeing you grow and change over the last 16 months has been an experience! There are two things I want you to always remember. The first is this: keep doing what you’re doing. Keep asking questions, keep pushing the limits, keep laughing at the silly things, and remember that when I get cross about you doing all of those things, that’s to do with me, not to do with you. We’re all learning in the world still, and as much as your world changed 16 months ago, so did mine. We’ll keep figuring it out as a family.

The second thing, most importantly, is that we love you! (We’ll always love you no matter what, even if you become a bug, or a crocodile!)

We’re families!

Happy birthday my lovely boy,

lots of love from

Mama xxx

2 thoughts on “5 today!”

  1. You have a gift for writing! I’m dropping in from the MKAL shawl knit. Here in my small hometown there is a couple who adopted 2 sisters at about the same ages you have done. It was about 10 years ago now. Your posts resonate with a myriad of shared experiences, challenges and joys. Such a precious gift for these young lives. Thanks for writing – the reminders that children have more going on in their behaviour than it often seems on the surface.
    Blessings Lynne

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