A Porsche or a Ferrari…?

Whenever we’re out and about and Norman sees a sports car, he points to it and says “That’s what I’ll get you mama, when I’m a grown up, but red.” I know he knows that I love him, I know he knows that I’ll always look after him, and when he’s a grown up (or “growm up” as he pronounces it) he wants to look after me too. Sometimes that makes the hard times easier, and sometimes it makes then harder, because I know, I see the boy he could be if only he hadn’t been so broken. Marvin as well, he’s sweet, and funny and bright… but he sometimes hides those things behind a mask of unkindness.

A Porsche or Ferrari would be nice! But my hope is for two happy boys that aren’t defined by their past, which sadly isn’t what I have right now.

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