Mama of boys

Today is three years since we announced to the world, and by world, I mean Facebook, that we were about to adopt our boys! What has followed has been a steep learning curve, not only for the four of us, but for our families too and, to some extent our friends. I am definitely a different person than I was three years ago, so I thought I’d share some of the things a I’ve learned by becoming a mama of boys!

  1. There is no limit to how disgusting small boys are willing to be. Bodily fluids, insects and creepy crawlies, dirt, unidentifiable items from the floor… all may be used as food, things to wipe on your clothes, things to wipe on MY clothes… everything is fair game.
  2. Painting the walls of your house white when you are expecting two small boys is a BIG mistake! I think Dulux could actually make a killing if they sold a “grubby child” shade, so that parents could just paint their walls “dirty” straight off the bat.
  3. You will never ever figure out where “that smell” comes from, or what it is. Accept it. Try and mask it. Eventually you won’t notice it any more.
  4. Small boys are born with an innate ability to find your last nerve. They see it, they play on it, but their smiles and cuddles somehow magically keep it intact. But only just.
  5. You must never EVER walk into the bathroom just in your socks. Because you will never know which liquid has made them soggy when you leave. Could be toothpaste. Could be water. Usually it’s urine.
  6. Children are noisy. Very noisy! But it is much more worrying when they’re quiet…
  7. Every day will bring new challenges. But you will love them. You’ll love them at their best, and at their worst, and they will do the same for you. You’ll wonder what you ever did before you had them. And you would lay down your life for them without even thinking about it.

Here’s to the next three, and the three after that, and every single three for the rest of our lives!


2 thoughts on “Mama of boys”

  1. Your doing a wonderful job the both of you one day at a time one foot in front of the other xxx

  2. Well done for getting to where you are now in what sometimes will seem like the blink of an eye and other times it will feel like forever. Much love from us xxx

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