Merry Christmas!

Well bloody hell, what a day! The run up to Christmas has been tough for Norman, he’s struggled every day to stay regulated, with morning times and bed times being particularly challenging. This is the boys third Christmas with us, and I seem to recall the previous two being fairly straightforward.

Not so this year! It started reasonably well – Santa has visited and brought lots of lovely presents, and mummy and mama had bought the boys new bikes! Lots of excitement, followed by disappointment from Norman that he got the red one and not the blue one! As I said to Mrs S last night though, whichever way round we had done it, he would have wanted the other one. It seems to be his default response just lately, he assumes Marvin has better than him, he says quite often that he thinks we love Marvin more than him, with no real evidence to back that up.

His first meltdown of the day started just before 9am and lasted well over an hour, with me using all of my previously tried and tested calming techniques, to no avail. Eventually I put him in the bath, which helped while he was in there but the tantrum continued, albeit to a lesser degree, afterwards. A ride on his new bike finally settled him for an hour or so.

Melt down number two came just as the Christmas lunch was being served! We tried dancing it out (Three Lions and Chelsea Dagger!) which didn’t work, and Marvin got in on the act a little bit too. Again we tried calming them but struggled. Cold turkey, gravy and roasties actually isn’t that bad!

I had my own mini melt down at that point, I just suddenly felt very tearful, and once the boys were calm, sitting on Grandmas’ laps, I had to take myself off for a few minutes and calm myself, gather my thoughts.

Melt down number three was at bed time, and involved a lot of threats, and his new fun thing, hurting himself. He bites, he scratches, he hits himself in the face, it’s heartbreaking.

I think though, three isn’t that bad! It has felt like a long day, but I got some lovely cuddles with my boys, I think they loved their presents, and once the drama has died down hopefully they’ll both settle a bit again. Then hopefully some support finally when the new year comes in.

But now, they’ve finally both settled to sleep. Mrs S and I both feel wrecked, but it’s time for my favourite bit of all, food wise at least – my Christmas sandwich!

Here’s my advent knitting project to brighten things up! I have tried and tried to put it at the right angle but I can’t remember how, so you’ll only have to tilt your head!

Merry Christmas all!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Love the advent wreath have a kit! Found you through ravelry. Just wondered how you attached the critters to the wreath? Thanks so much my ravelry name is leenielolck

    1. I used safety pins this time! So that I could move them around as I added new ones. I’ve taken them all off and wrapped them in tissue paper ready for next year now, but I’ll probably pin them on again I think. x

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