The unknown

One of the interesting things about adopting a two and a three year old, is that you get a ready-made little person with likes and dislikes, habits, opinions, words. Those things are already there, and you learn about them rather than seeing them develop from scratch. For example, when you offer them a new food, and they say they don’t like it, you can’t say “how do you know, you’ve never tried it” like my mum would have… they lived a whole little life before you ever knew they even existed.

One of the fun things about it is the unpredictability. Each family has their own set of rules and values, their own opinion of what is acceptable behaviour. And Norman and Marvin had not one, but two families before us! When the boys came home, they were intrigued and sometimes amazed at the sight of human skin. Their foster family had been very conservative and kept covered up, so when they saw my shoulders they didn’t seem able to believe it! Marvin, I remember, was particularly entertained at the sight of other peoples’ tummies! His vocabulary was very limited at the time, but he would shout “TUMMY TUMMY!”…. and then slap the tummy in question, which actually quite hurt! I have absolutely no idea where he learned it, but I inadvertently received more than my fair share of “tummy tummy” slaps in the early days, when getting changed after swimming, or asleep first thing in the morning when my pyjama top had shifted up, or stretching! I quickly got wise to it and stopped giving him the opportunity!

One day, about a month after we brought the boys home, we were out at a soft play one day when a big group of people arrived. Many of the young girls were wearing crop tops… we grabbed the boys and ran out of the place!

What’s on the needles today? I rainbow brioche cowl. It’s a bit strange to be knitting a scarf in August, but I will be well prepared for the winter!

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