Welcome to my first post! If you’re reading this then you either know me (most likely) or have some vague interest in the seemingly unrelated topics of my web address (less likely but possible).  Seemingly unrelated, but, in actual fact, entirely related in my life.  You see, the first thing (knit 1) helps me survive the second thing (adopt 2).

My wife and I made the evidently crazy decision to adopt two small boys last year, which, when you put it like that, sounds fairly simple and straightforward.  Those of you familiar with the “adopt” part of my title will now be chuckling away, knowing full well that the adoption process is far from simple or straightforward, however this is only a welcome post so I will elaborate that another time.  Suffice to say, there are numerous people in our local authority who now know more about us than our closest friends and family.  When talking about my boys on here, I will call them Norman (the 4-soon-to-be-5 year old) and Marvin (the 3-soon-to-be-4 year old).  Before you start grabbing for the phone to re-refer us to social services for cruelly naming our children, let me assure you that those are not their real names!  We’re very keen to protect their identities though, and so although you might read some stories about them – if you haven’t given up reading already – they will remain relatively anonymous.  If you know me in real life though, I love showing off pictures of them so do ask!

I took up knitting about nine years ago when I stumbled across some of my Grandma’s old knitting needles, and it has been an addiction that has stood the test of time.  Currently on the needles is a cardigan which I have cast on and knit one row of, but that I’m now pretending doesn’t exist as I’m certain that it’s 10 stitches too short for the pattern, so I’m going to have to start again from scratch.  We don’t need to talk about that for now, I’ll only get upset and that’s not a good start now is it.

So welcome to my blog, I’ll try and write something again soon. 🙂

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